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Contact Info:

Instructor: Mr. Salcedo, 

Perris High School (951) 657-2171 ext. 21228

Adult Education (951) 657-7357 ext. 30116

Professional Overview

My name is Mr. Salcedo I have 24 years of teaching experience. I have a B.A. of Arts in History and an M.A. of Arts in Social Science. I received my higher education from the California State University of San Bernardino. I hold a CLAD Credential in Social Science. I started my teaching career at Perris Elementary. School District from September 16, 1997, to June 2001.  I started working for Perris Union High School District from June 2001 to June 2020. I worked at Perris Lake High School from September 2001 to June 2005.  At Perris Lake, High School I taught subjects such as Social Sciences, ELD I, and ELD II.  I was the ESL Coordinator for Perris Lake High School from 2003 to 2005. I started working at Perris High from September 2005 to June 2020. At Perris High School I have taught U.S. History, Geography, World History, Economics, Government, History of Mexico,  Latin Mexican American Studies, PLUS Leadership Class, and ELD Levels I and II. Freshmen Foundations, Furthermore, I have taught ten years of Ault ESL and 4-years of Adult Education Plato, High School Diploma. I have taught from the Elementary level to the Adult level in many different subjects. I graduated from Perris High, Class of 1989. I speak Spanish and English. 



• Training: Every school year Perris High School District offers training which I take full advantage of.  I have been trained in AVID, Technology, Haiku, PLUS Leadership, Google Classroom, CABE workshops Etc.

• I have taught four years at the elementary level at Perris Elementary School District.  

• I have 14 years of experience teaching Adult Education as an ESL teacher for Perris Union High School. 

• I have been a Master Teacher for various, “Student Teachers” at Perris High School.  I have 24 years of classroom experience. I have taught the following subjects at Perris High School: U.S. History, Geography, World History, History of Mexico, Economics, U.S. Government, PLUS Leadership, ELD levels I, and II, Latin/Mexican-American Studies, and Adult Education.

I have 20 years working with ESL students in Social Sciences, and 4 more at the elementary level. I have 14 years of working with Adult Education in ESL and Plato.



School: California State University of San Bernardino 

City: San Bernardino, California

Country: United States of America

Degree: Bachelors of Arts in History (B.A.) in 1995

CLAD Certified in 2001



School: California State University of San Bernardino 

City: San Bernardino, California

Country: United States of America

Degree: Masters of Arts in Social Science  (M.A.) in 2001



Fellowships and Awards

Perris High School Employee of the Month in 2009.

Certificate Awards for training: Technology, Culture, and Poverty, Classroom Management, AVID Training, PLUS Leadership, ESL, Special Education, CABE Training.

MECHA Award 2007.

Adult teaching Award in 2011, 2012, and 2013.



Current Classes  2020-2021

Latin Mexican American Studies

World History



Adult Education: Plato, High School Diploma