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Tech Help

Last Updated: 10/2/2020 9:46 PM

Welcome to the PUHSD Technology Department’s Help Section


Please read the FAQs below.



Student FAQ

  1. Basic Troubleshooting Tips (try these first)

    1. Try turning the device off and back on

    2. Verify the device is connected to the internet

    3. Make sure the device is fully charged or is plugged into power

    4. Make sure you are logging into all of your apps through Classlink

    5. Reset your passsword

      (see item No. 5)

    6. Delete saved passwords

    7. Reset your Chrome browser

      (see item no. 6)

    8. Powerwash your Chromebook

      (see item no. 7)

  2. Getting Started with Online Learning

  3. I Can’t Log Into Infinite Campus

  4. Virtual Check-Ins With IC

    Please note that all screenshots do not use actual student or teacher names.


    1. Login to your Infinite Campus Student Portal Using Classlink

    2. Your main login screen will be the “Today” page. This shows your schedule, check-ins currently available and upcoming assignments (see screenshots below).
      ic screen shot today highlighted

    3. Click your available course under CHECK-INS. Note: You can ONLY check in during the time the class period is available. Notice the schedule on the right shows the times for each period.
      IC screenshot check in highlighted

    4. Click “Yes, I’m here” to indicate you’re participating in class. You must do this for each period during the day, regardless of meeting in person or not.
      IC screenshot button highlighted

    5. When you return to the “Today” page you will notice that the “Check-Ins” section has disappeared since your next class is not available to check in to. Once the next time frame becomes available you will be able to check in to your next period.
      ic screenshot

  5. Password Reset Directions


    Password Reset Directions

    1. Click the “Apps” button at the bottom of your screen and select “PUHSD Password Reset Tool.” cb reset tool

    2. Your email address this would be your student ID# followed by @my.puhsd.org.

    For example: 999999@my.puhsd.org

    set password
    3. Your current password is the password that you use to log into your chromebook. current pw
    4. Your new password must be at least 8 characters long. new pw

    Click on “Reset Password” and you should see a big Thumbs up icon. Turn your Chromebook off and back on.

    (If you get an error message, carefully type in your email, and passwords again until it works.)

    thumbs up
  6. Chrome Browser Reset Directions

  7. How Do I Powerwash my Chromebook

  8. Canvas File Upload

  9. Check Progress - Canvas Paired Observer

  10. My issue was not resolved

    Please call the Tech Help desk at (951) 943-6369 extension 80250


    submit a help request, by filling out this form.




  • Please contact the Technology Helpdesk to request support.
  • Google Meet FAQ
    • Google Meet Settings
      • There are some Meet settings that PUHSD can control. In our PUHSD domain, there are Organizational Units (OU). Staff and students are in a different OU. Having staff and students in a different OU allows for tech to adjust settings that are applied differently depending on the OU a person is in.
    • Ability to Record in a Google Meet
      • In Google Meet for the student OU, a student’s ability to use the built in record button to record a Meet has been off. In the Student OU, students have not had the ability to use the “record” button for a Meet their teacher or others created. It does not matter if a student joined the meeting before the teacher; students cannot use the built in record button in Meet.

        Teachers can record a Meet. All participants are notified when the recording starts or stops. When meetings are recorded, the chat conversation log is also saved. When the recording has ended, an email with the recording link is sent to the meeting organizer, and the person who started the recording.

        Teachers recording a Google Meet is highly effective and useful for many reasons. The teacher has the recording of the lesson and has the ability to post that recorded lesson in Canvas if they choose. The teacher has the chat log that can assist in any follow up questions and can be used to gauge understanding and/or participation. Synchronous class time can fly by and having the Meet recorded by you and the chat transcript sent to you is a big plus.

    • Use of Livestream in Meet
      • In Google Meet, people can Livestream a Meet. A Meet with a Livestream is only accessible to people that are logged into a PUHSD account. In Meet, Livestream is not Live to an outside PUHSD login. In the Student OU, students have not had the ability to Livestream a Google Meet created by you.

        Livestream can be an effective teaching strategy or a larger group communication strategy for a teacher or staff member to use. Teachers could use Livestream during synchronous time and create another method to get live interaction with students.

    • Students Creating their Own Meet
      • Students can create their own Meet and have been doing so since we adopted the Google platform. Students have been using our tools to study, collaborate, meet on projects etc. We encourage all of those things and more. Our system is a secure place for students to interact.
    • G Suite Enterprise for Education
      • PUHSD has been a Google Apps for Education (now G Suite) District since 2008. We fully adopted the platform for staff and students in 2010 and launched Scholar+ in 2013. PUHSD has full use of all the G Suite for Education core tools. A sort of recent development is G Suite Enterprise for Education. This is a paid service. Previously, PUHSD has not paid for this service as our district was an early adopter and we did not need the tools G Suite Enterprise offered. Most of those tools were not teacher tools anyway. They were tools our tech department could use behind the scenes but at that time we did not need them.

        In response to schools going to Distance Learning in March, G Suite for Education made some changes in their tools and pushed out the ability to use these functions for all G Suite districts. That means that some features that would become Enterprise features would be on for everyone but will end September 30th.

        When PUHSD went to Distance Learning in March, the district worked on many things to continue to provide world class tools to students. One of the things we weighed was the tools/functionality of Google Enterprise. As Google made some public announcements about new Enterprise tools on the horizon and as we stayed connected with the behind the scenes talks on the same issue, the tech department weighed the options and decided to work on the process to adopt G Suite Enterprise for Education. At the PUHSD School Board meeting on July 30th, the board approved G Suite Enterprise for Education.

        Currently, you have access to all the Enterprise tools and options. There have been questions that PUHSD teachers did not have access to new features but rest assured that you do. Our connection to Enterprise is being worked on but you have full access to the tools. Districts that do not go with Google Enterprise will lose some features September 30th.

    • Features that will Roll Out to all G Suite and Enterprise Districts
      • Google Education has not promised a fixed date on these new features that will be part of Meet. To save on making this the longest email I have sent, I have attached an image showing new tools on the horizon. These tools will be part of the built in platform, There are 3rd party extensions that you may already be using that do these same things but those are not Google tools and at times become unstable.

        Google Meet Updates

    • Additional moderator controls
      • Google has stated that updates to Enterprise will provide additional moderator controls for Meet. Those include a “waiting room” type function although they are not calling it that. People can be accepted to join a meeting but after being rejected twice they will not be able to ask for entry again. Teachers will be able to end the meeting for all students and nobody can rejoin. Other settings reported in the works will allow the Meet creator to mute all participants in one click, disable chat, set who can present, and a setting that requires moderators to join the Meet first before others can enter.
  • Google Meet Troubleshooting
  • Student Password Reset