human-I-T Partnership

Last Updated: 8/3/2021 10:35 PM


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Recently, PUHSD has partnered with human-I-T to solve problems in our community. One of those problems is that families have been having to deal with the various internet service providers on their own to get access to free or reduced pricing on home internet. Another problem is that even though PUHSD is 1:1 with Chromebooks, families need additional devices.      


Here is how human-I-T can provide assistance in connecting to reliable home internet:

  • Families can go to and those qualified can apply to low-cost internet.

  • Plans ranging from $15-$25 per month

  • Includes major providers including Frontier, Spectrum, AT&T, Comcast, and Cox

  • No contracts

  • human-I-T provides support in navigating the available low-cost internet offers by identifying a specific provider that suits their needs, answering questions, & signing up

  • human-I-T Subscription Specialists are available in both Spanish and English

  • Families can also text human-I-T for assistance at 562-372-6925 or email them at email


Here is how human-I-T can provide assistance with acquiring low-cost computers:

  • Through, qualified individuals can purchase low-cost computers

  • Desktops for as low as $55

  • Laptops for as little as $77

  • Free shipping

  • 1-year of unlimited tech support & a 1-year hardware warranty