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Welcome to the New School Year!! I am David Baker and I have been teaching History at Pinacate for 21 years now.  I am looking forward to our new adventure! This is new to all of us and we will work through it together. I hope we will return to the classroom Sooner than Later.

Here is an overview of what we will cover.

Semester 1 - We begin with the first settlements and follow their growth to independent Colonies before focusing on tensions leading to Revolution. Next, we touch on the growing pains of a New Republic and the Constitution which leads to the Westward Movement before we take our Christmas Break.

Semester 2 - We begin with the Industrial Revolution squeezing in Immigration and the Reform movements before the pre Civil War discord. We will outline the major strategies and specific milestones of the war before recounting tragic events during the Reconstruction of the South. We'll round it out by fulfilling Manifest Destiny and the Taming of the Wild Wild West by Millionaires, Labor, Populism and Progressive Reformers. Time Permitting we will touch on the Progressive government Era and Imperialism.