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I am Mr. Mascio and I teach Theater Production and the brand new Intro the Stagecraft class at Pinacate. I am also the Student Incentive Coordinator where I run the Puma Market and oversee Puma Points, behavior points students can earn and spend on school materials and other fun items!

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Theater Production

Theater Production

Welcome to all the students enrolled in this class! There is no other class like it. In this class, students create performances that are made available to the whole school. In the Traditional Learning Model, students in this class put on the Fall and Spring productions. In the Distance Learning Model, students will be filming themselves acting or singing and their performances will be edited together as part of class productions that will be shared with the whole school.

All grades are based on student performances, so students will be required to perform on stage or on camera. I will work with students on overcoming stage fright and camera shyness. However, if a student is terrified at the thought of being on camera or on stage, then they should look at transferring to my other class, Intro to Stagecraft!

Theater Production meets live 7th period on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Click here to access the Theater Production Course on Canvas!

Intro to Stagecraft

Intro to Stagecraft

This class is BRAND NEW this year! I am very excited about it. Stagecraft is the backstage work of theater technicians that cover multiple areas: lighting, sound, set design & construction, costuming, makeup, prop building, and video editing. In the Traditional Learning Model, students in Stagecraft will work together to produce the Fall and Spring plays. In the Distance Learning Model, students will work on growing skills in design and limited application that they can do from home. For example, students may have to use what they can find around the house to build a prop time machine, or design the costume for an evil villain, or edit together the performance footage from the Theater Production class.

Students will have the option to pick one "crew" to be on that will specialize in one area of Stagecraft.

  • Tech Crew: Lighting, Sound and Video Editing
  • Makeup Crew: Costume and Makeup
  • Set Crew: Set and Prop Design and Construction

Together, they will work on creating something together that will be shared and displayed with a real audience–their peers!

Intro to Stagecraft meets live during 6th period on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Click here to access the Stagecraft Course on Canvas!