Absences & Truancies

Last Updated: 6/15/2021 6:24 PM

The staff at Pinacate believes that if a student is absent from class, the educational experience cannot be replaced, as the interaction in the classroom setting can seldom be duplicated through make-up work. We ask that you make every attempt to make appointments after school hours for your students.

Students returning to school after an absence should submit a written and signed explanation from the parent/guardian stating the student’s name, grade level, date of absence, and reason for absence on the first day back to class. Parents may also call the Absence Phone Line at (951) 943-6441 x228 to clear an absence. Students must obtain a re-admit slip from the Attendance window prior to the start of first period or they will be given an unexcused tardy. Students will not be re-admitted to class without a re-admit slip. It is the student’s responsibility to make arrangements for make-up work. Students returning from unexcused absences do not have a right to receive make-up work. Makeup work in such cases is based on teacher discretion. Specifically, Pinacate Middle School adheres to the District-wide attendance and truancy and absence policy which is as follows:

Consequences of Unexcused Absences: 
Unexcused absences are suspensions, truancies, and unverified absences. An unverified absence is considered a truancy after 48 hours. Pinacate uses a PhoneMaster system that will call your primary phone number and leave an automated message informing you of missed periods. Please contact the school if you receive such a message but believe your student was in school.1st Offense: The Administrator will contact parent. If the student is truant 3 periods or less, they will be assigned After School Detention. If truant for 4 periods or more, student will be assigned Saturday School. If student is picked up truant on campus, they will be placed in OCS until the end of that period.2nd Offense: Consequences are the same as the first offense.3rd Offense: SARB Letter #1 sent home. A Saturday School will be assigned. A referral will be made to Counseling.4th Offense: Student will be assigned a Saturday School. Counseling will set up a parent/student/counselor conference.5th Offense: Student will be assigned a Saturday School. The Site Administrator will set up a parent/student/administrator conference. Student receives a warning for SART contract.6th Offense: SARB Letter #2 sent home. The Site Administrator will write up a SART Contract with the student and parent. The student will be assigned Saturday school.7th Offense: The Site Administrator will contact the student’s home. Student will be assigned a (1) day OCS.8th Offense: The Site Administrator will contact the student’s home. The student will receive a (1) day suspension.9th Offense: SARB Letter #3 sent home. The site administrator will refer the student to SARB. Student will receive a (1) day suspension.10th Offense: Student will be alternatively placed through the Alternative Placement Committee (APC) and student will be sent to SARB.