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Contact Info:

Douglas Cousins

Room 9203


951-657-2171 Ext. 21287


I am Mr. Cousins.  I teach within the Agricultural Science Department.  I teach Agriculture Chemistry, Agriculture Earth Science, Agriculture Leadership and Horticulture.  I am also an advisor for our FFA Program.  I coach the Vegetable Crop and Agriculture Pest Control Career Development Teams.  I am in room 9203, please stop by or email me.  douglas.cousins@puhsd.org

My course material will be located on Canvas and if you ever have questions please don't hesitate to contact me!  Parents, if you'd like to be added to my canvas pages please send me an email and I will add you so you can observe the pages your students are using!

This is my schedule of classes for 2021-22

Period 1 - Agriculture Earth Science

Period 2 - Agriculture Earth Science

Period 3 - Agriculture Earth Science

Period 4 - Agriculture Chemistry

Period 5 - Agriculture Chemistry

Period 6 - Agriculture Leadership and Horticulture Science

Period 7 - Agriculture Chemistry