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Welcome! I am delighted to be your instructor at Perris Lake High School.  I am passionate about learning and I know that distance learning will be a significant part of our future.  We will be accessing many different kinds of distance learning technologies for collaborative learning and reasoning.  The instructional design is based on an interdisciplinary framework, scaffolding, experiential learning, and problem-based learning.  Students will be working, both, independently and participating in group discussions.  We will be using Canvas as our learning platform. I look forward to working, collaboratively, with you in this class!

I am, also, a parent, pet owner, loves to go to the beach, read books, and watch movies! The funnier the movie, the better. 

Please remember, even with distance learning, to always treat others with respect and be accountable and responsible for your actions.

For our learning platform, we will be using Canvas. Please click and go to Classlink to get to Canvas for your classes.

For our class meetings, we will be using Google Meet. Please click  Please make sure that you are logging in using your student email account.                                                                                                                   



Period Time Min Monday/Wednesday Tuesday/Thursday Friday
1 9:00-9:50 50 Synchronous Asynchronous Asynchronous
2 9:55-10:45 50 Asynchronous Synchronous Synchronous
3 10:50-11:40 50 Synchronous Asynchronous Asynchronous
4 12:25-1:15 50 Asynchronous Synchronous Asynchronous
5(English ISP) 1:20-2:10 50 Synchronous Asynchronous Asynchronous
6(ISP) 2:15-3:10 50 Asynchronous Synchronous Asynchronous



Contact Information

School Telephone:(951)657-7357 ext. 30207  Email me at


Additional Contact Information: (951)657-7357 ext.0