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Hello my name is Tom Tello. I am the Head Varsity Football Coach and Science teacher at Paloma Valley High School. This year I will be teaching Earth Science and Science 9. This is my 14th year in the district and my 17th year overall as a teacher. I received my bachelor's degree from Cal Poly Pomona and my Master's Degree from University of Phoenix. I’m excited about having the opportunity to be your teacher and coach this year. 

To access instructional material, turn in assignments, join synchronous meets, and take assessments we will be using google classroom.  

To join 1st period Science 9 the code is:  hwwhfen

To join 2nd period Science 9 the code is:  tkdpyxr

To join 3rd period Science 9 the code is: m5ux7me

To join 4th period Science 9 the code is:  lmap3wk

To join 5th period Earth Science the code is:  oy2ieeo

To join 6th period Science 9 the code is:  poydadx

To join 7th period Football the code is:  k2eydea

***If you cannot join please email me so I can add you manually to our google classroom.


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