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Ms. Carrie Waeldin


HHS Washington 213

Back to School Night September 17, 2020. 



for Back to School Night 2020:

You've found me!  I have been teaching within PUHSD for 25 years, beginning at Perris High and moving to Heritage when it opened in 2007.  I have my Bachelor's in English and Drama from Point Loma, my Master's in Theatre from Tulane, and my Doctorate in English from Trinity.  I love to read fiction, and I always have several books that I am reading or will be reading next.  I also love to get students' recommendations on good books to read--teen readers are good judges of a great book!

I am a mom of three, two of which graduated from Heritage.  I am also a dog mom and grandma (I have grand-pups!) and am trying my best to garden, pleased with the few tomatoes and cucumbers I have harvested, and that my other plants are growing and flowering, and are not dead...yet.

I have traveled throughout Europe, mostly with student groups, and often find myself going through travel-withdrawal this year, and wondering when I can take a group of students to Europe again.  If you want to go in a couple years, let me know...






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