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Hi, I'm Neal Carmody and I'll be teaching Military Science, 9th Grade Science, and High School Physics for the 20-21 school year.

My passion for Military Culture began with the US Marine Corp, in which I served from 2005-13, deploying twice in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. There I learned the strength to keep my bearing and stay focused on what it takes to succeed in a Capitalist environment. I would later graduate from UCLA with a BS in General Physics in 2010. I quickly began working in the Wind Industry as a Traveling Wind Turbine Technician, and was blessed to work in and visit many of the States in our Union. In 2015, the travel was beginning to weigh on my family life, and I was asked to participate in a Volunteer International Teaching Program with the Rotary Club in China. Going on this journey with my good friends, who were working as Teachers, I was reminded of the heroism and selflessness I had experienced in the Marine Corp, and quickly decided to change careers. Returning home, I earned my Teaching Credential and a Master's Degree in Education, and was hired. Teaching at CMI has been an absolute honor, and I look forward to yet another great year.

Courses: All course information will be available through Canvas. Students will navigate to Classlink, tap the button for Canvas, and find course information, including meeting times, assignments, and due dates, in within the courses listed on their dashboard.

Course Access: All courses will be accessed via link to Google Meet. Students need only navigate to their Gmail account, and await a link via email. Links will be sent no later than 5 minutes prior to the start of class.

Meeting Times (Online via Google Meet):

Military Science (JROTC Period 1): Monday and Wednesday 0800 - 0850

Science 9 (Period 3): Monday and Wednesday 1000 - 1050

Science 9 (Period 4): Tuesday and Thursday  1055 - 1145

Science 9 (Period 5): Monday and Wednesday 1230 - 1320

Science 9 (Period 6): Tuesday and Thursday 1325 - 1415

Physics (Period 2): Tuesday and Thursday 0855 - 0945 / Friday 0835 - 0905 (Check-in)

Physics (Period 7): Monday and Wednesday 1420 - 1510