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Mrs. Moenho, Special Education, Spanish Essentials, Study Skills.

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Back To School Night!


Hello! My name is Lindsay Moenho. I have been teaching in the PUHSD for 25 years.  I started as a graduate teaching assistant at SDSU in the 80's. Majored in Psychology and Communication Studies, (BA) degree from PLNC in San Diego and graduate Linguistics courses at SDSU, in order to teach ESL and travel. After teaching abroad in Portugal and Greece, I studied  K-12 Education and earned an MA in Special Education. Extensive experience teaching English as a Second Language and Reading/Linguistics led me eventually to Spanish, which I enjoy sharing with my students at Paloma.



I currently teach Special Education, Spanish Essentials, and Study Skills. I'm excited about starting the new school year!

I use the Google Classroom online management system.

I also use Duolingo for Spanish classes.



Period Course Google Classroom Code
1 Spanish Essentials kft6dqn
3 Spanish Essentials 3suhorx
5 Study Skills pxmskzg

Please email me if you have any questions at