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My name is Frank Puebla and I am a retired/former United States Marine and the current Naval Science Instructor for The Paloma Valley NJROTC Mighty Wildcat Battalion. In addition to that, I am a self-proclaimed Lover of Leadership and Hunter in Human-Excellence. I joined the Marine Corps straight out of high school in 1991 and retired in 2011. I retired on a Friday and starting working at Paloma Valley the following Monday. I've been here ever since and I can proudly state that every year we've continued to improve. Although this year will provide unique and unusual challenges, I am confident we will be able to adapt and overcome.

NJROTC is a character developing program that emphasizes citizenship and leadership. I am honored to contribute to the leadership development of all my cadets. This year I will take the lead for all the Naval Science 1's and 2's (NS1/NS2) and the CWO5 will be secondary. The CWO5 will take the lead for NS3s and NS4s and I will be secondary.

We will be using Google Classroom for instruction and communication. We will also use the NJROTC website: to pass directives and share information, so please make it a habit to check/visit it often. You will be able to link to our Google Classroom via our Canvas landing page.

Cadets, if you are an NS1 or NS2 please join my Google Classroom once you get your schedule.

1st Period:  di4wt2i

2nd Period:  cobqd4c

3rd Period:   6i5w4xi

4th Period:    ev3ae7z