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Hello, Coach Rossi here. I have been coaching/teaching for 20+ years.  I have my Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology/Physical Education from UNLV and a Masters in Educational Administration through National University. Weight Training and Physical activity are my passion and benefits mind, body, and soul.  It can help you lose or gain weight, prevent chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease.  In addition, regular exercise can help your mood, fight anxiety, lessen depression, and slow the cognitive decline as we gracefully age. Aging gracefully isn't about trying to look like someone else or something your not.  It is about living the best/longest life you can and having the mental and physical health to enjoy it. 


Stay Safe, Be Active, Try & Eat Healthy,



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Course Syllabus


Hello students and welcome to Physical Education online for the 2020-2021 School year.  I will start off by saying I hope everyone is safe and taking care of themselves.  Part of taking care of oneself is the importance of daily physical activity not just playing Fortnite or TicTocking 24/7.  With that stated I know the situation, we have all been put in is not fair nor ideal for anyone and perhaps we will all value physical activity a bit more given our isolation status. 


Your task weekly will be simple but needs to be completed daily and then turned in on time.  We will meet daily on your scheduled period through Google Meet (link is below my name under the let it burn Picture on Canvas) to take attendance and then clear expectations will be given, examples of exercises, and questions/answers.



Period 1:  9:00-9:50

Period 2:  9:55-10:45

Period 3:  10:50-11:40

Period 4:  12:25-1:15

Period 5:  1:20-2:10

Period 6 ISP:  2:15-3:10



Period 1:  8:25-9:00

Period 2:  9:00-9:35

Period 3:  9:35-10:10

Period 4:  10:10-10:45

Period 5:  10:45-11:25

Period 6 ISP:  11:25-12:00



To be prepared for how the class will operate I will include instructions here.  What I will need from everyone in the class are a sports article daily summaries and an activity log weekly.  Specifically, you are to write a 2-3 paragraph summary of a sports article you read and how you felt about the article for every day of the class for that week. So typically there are 5 school days in the week so that would be 5 separate articles all 2-3 paragraphs each week.  In addition, you are to keep track of at least 30 minutes of activity you have done daily. Some of us are lucky to have weights and exercise equipment at the house.  Others may not have any, but that is no problem.  For example, you did jumping jacks, push-ups, sit-ups, planks for 30 minutes Monday, Tuesday you walked around the back yard and then mowed the lawn, Wednesday, etc... Feel free to be creative and research exercises, here is a link of some at-home exercises through ACE (Links to an external site.) .  All articles for the week and the P.E. activity Log need to be turned in no later then 2:10 p.m. every Friday.  Please submit all articles and P.E. log all at once through email on Friday as I do not want several emails all over the place throughout the week.  I need your name, the date, the period, title of the article, and source.  I have provided an example of how I want one article (obviously there should be 4 more for the week a total of 5 but all should be this format) in the attachment and you can google a sport, use ESPN, or any other source for the article.  Below is an example of how I want the P.E. Log For the week.  Again, if you have work out equipment then you list what you did.  If you don't then you still find an activity to do and list what you did.


For weight training classes I would like to see weight-bearing activities.  We can use items around the house or backyard for weight-bearing activities but it is not necessary if you don't have them.  For example, you can squat and put your back against the wall for phantom chair. No weights are necessary, but your body weight will aid in strengthening hamstrings and quadriceps.  Also, weight training articles would be great for weight training classes as there are plenty on the internet.


Some comments or student questions that I have answered in case you were still not clear, "can the articles be on the same sport?" Response- No problem just not the same article.

"Soooooooooo its a English class now?" Response- There is definitely English in every subject area....story problems in Math, You have to write and hypothesize in Science, and Yes in Physical Education there is the history of the sport as well as many other writings (I had a ton in college to get my Masters and Bachelor's degree).  However, I don't think they have P.E. logs in English where they are doing 30+ minutes a day of exercises.  They could write about what they do and use it in English though....

"I was a new student to Perris Lake before school got canceled. I was only doing credit recovery classes when I was there. I'm not sure what period I'm supposed to put for my homework when I turn it in because I'm new." Response- Hi, You are in my XXX period P.E.  I don't know if the counselor has shown you access to infinite campus, but all your grades and period for your classes should be there.

"How are grades given, when are they given, how do I view them?" Response- As stated all assignments are due Friday by 2:10 p.m. I will check over the weekend and update in the infinite campus over the weekend.  That is where grades can be viewed and if you don't know how to access infinite campus you need to check with the counselor(s).  The point system is simple and as follows 1 point for every day.  1 article of 2 paragraphs is worth half credit or .5. One day of P.E. activity from your log is worth half credit or .5.  For example, When you turned in your work Friday if you did the article for Monday and Tuesday and Physical activity Monday and Tuesday, Did nothing Wednesday and Thursday, But then Friday you did just the P.E. log but no article you would have a 2.5 out of 5 for the week.  If you did all 5 articles and wrote down 5 days of P.E. activity in a log you will have a 5 out of 5 for the week. Please Note: No you can not due more paragraphs, articles, PE. activity and get more credit or less than 2 paragraphs and get less credit for that week or the weeks to come it is all and specific for that week.

"So I can wait to Thursday or Friday and then last minute just do everything before 2:10 and turn it in". Response- Obviously I am not there to monitor you so I would hope you are actually doing the Physical activity daily, I would hope you're not procrastinating and doing the articles daily as you should.  However, we are all on an honor system and doing the best we can.


Again, these assignments are not meant to be tedious and difficult.  It is meant to simply learn something about sports weekly and stay physically active.    


We thank Aramis Marks and with permission use the work submitted as an example of 5 out of 5 for the week on articles and P.E. log.  Please notice everything is together in one email, the P.E. Log with specific activity Monday through Friday. For the articles, there are appropriate two to three+ sentences per paragraph, and the article is on sports (again this is PE so you need sports articles, not just random articles. ESPN and several other sites have sports articles). Also noted are the periods, the dates, the sources, 5 separate sports articles all titled, one paragraph on sport, and one on reflection of the article.  Again, you can submit directly in the email, all on one document, or one document for articles one for P.E. but they all should be in one email to me on Friday by 2:10 p.m at the end of the week(s).  Also and again you can type directly to the email as well.  Again, please use this as a guide for the weeks to come and submit on time before 2:10 p.m. Fridays.  


Aramis Marks


Period 3


Source: Time

I Love Baseball to Death. It’s Just Not Worth It.' MLB Pitcher Blake Snell Speaks Out on 2020 Season, Coronavirus Pay Cuts

Tampa Bay Rays All-Star pitcher Blake Snell says he will not take the mound this year if his pay is cut further, proclaiming: “I’m not playing unless I get mine.”“I’m not splitting no revenue. I want all mine,” the 2018 AL Cy Young Award winner said on a Twitch stream Wednesday. “Bro, y’all got to understand, too, because y’all going to be like: ‘Bro, play for the love of the game. Man, what’s wrong with you, bro? Money should not be a thing.’ Bro, I’m risking my life. What do you mean, ‘It should not be a thing?’ It 100% should be a thing.”


Personally i feel like hes making a big deal out of nothing. Obviously everyone wants to get their money but he has to understand why they would decide to make cuts. This really just shows you how the rich and famous don't know how to act when they're not put on top.


Aramis Marks


Period 3


Source: Yardbarker

University of Florida open to hosting pro sports amid coronavirus pandemic

Florida governor Ron DeSantis has left no doubt (Links to an external site.) he's open to welcoming all North American pro sports leagues to his state amid the coronavirus pandemic.The University of Florida joined DeSantis on Thursday.

As explained by ESPN's Andrea Adelson (Links to an external site.), Florida athletic director Scott Stricklin released a statement on Thursday offering his school's facilities to pro teams for training, practicing, and playing.


I feel as though this is a bit problematic, it's not safe and could but lives in danger because we never know who can have the virus. He means well but it isn't the smartest decision.

Aramis Marks


Period 3


Source: Yardbarker

MLB owners reportedly approve a plan to start the season on July 4

MLB owners passed a proposal to the players' union that could have the 2020 season starting around Fourth of July weekend, according to the Associated Press. (Links to an external site.) Of course, no fans would be allowed in the stadiums if this were to pass, and the players' union would have to agree to the proposed plan. According to the Associated Press, round two of spring training would begin in mid-June to give the players the opportunity to get in baseball shape ahead of the season


With quarantine possibly being extended I highly doubt that they'll be able to start the season. I feel as though these people want everything to go back to normal but aren't willing to be patient, so when its safe they can return.

Aramis Marks


Period 3


Source: San Francisco Chronicle

49ers suspend broadcaster for saying Ravens QB Jackson had advantage due to ‘dark skin color with a dark football

The 49ers have suspended Tim Ryan, their radio color analyst, over comments he made on a Bay Area sports talk radio show Monday in which he said Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson, who is black, is exceptional at faking handoffs because of his “dark skin color with a dark football.


I personally believe they did the right thing suspending him. It's crazy how someone so successful and liked as Lamar Jackson could get hate just because of the color of their skin. This really shows the colorism within the sports community.


Aramis Marks


Period 3


Source: Fox News 

MLB stars Bryce Harper, Nolan Arenado defend Blake Snell over pay stance: 'He made a lot of good points

MLB stars Bryce Harper (Links to an external site.) and Nolan Arenado (Links to an external site.) threw their support toward Blake Snel (Links to an external site.)l, who said Wednesday he wasn’t going to risk playing baseball for less money amid the coronavirus pandemic. Snell, the Tampa Bay Rays (Links to an external site.)’ 2018 American League Cy Young Award winner, said during a Twitch livestream, “Y’all gotta understand man, for me to go, for me to take a pay cut is not happening, because the risk is through the roof, it’s a shorter season, less pay.”

I feel like with less pay matched with a shorter season isn't necessarily a bad thing, why would they get paid the same amount if they're not playing as much? It just doesn't make the most sense. I feel like it goes to show how privileged these athletes or celebrities are because they can't handle not getting what they want.


Aramis Marks P.E. Log 5/11-5/15

Monday: Walked dog

Tuesday: Yoga

Wednesday: Cycling 

Thursday: Weights,Push-ups, Lunges

Friday: Washed Car



 Week of 4/13-4/17

Monday: Jumping jacks, push-ups, sit-ups, planks


Tuesday: Mowed the lawn


Wednesday: Ham Curls, Quad Extensions, Lunges, Dumb Bell Squats


Thursday: Supermans, Cobras, Standing Calf Raise, Side Lunge


Friday: Bench Press, Dumbell Fly's, Bi Curls, Preacher Curl